HVK-Custom Mod Pack: Giant, Arcing Machinery!

Giant, Arcing Machinery - Build Update #3

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Inside the Compact-Machines blocks atop the drill like structure outside
"Havok-Hold", these machines control the generation & conversion of
Compressed-Cobble to EMC.


HVK-Custom Mod Pack: Fluxing it up!

Fluxing it up - Build Update #2

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Started assembling two Arc-furnaces but left that section for another time,
decided to make a useless, but awesome looking drill like structure. The inside of the
drill hides the "Ulta-Cobble Generator" and the "EMC Converter". (Both in Compact
Machine blocks. The inside of both blocks will be featured next update) Still have to
finish the control panel for the drill. (Purely for on /off switch and as cosmetic)