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Clash of Clans is one of the most well known and most played games for your mobile, be it Android or iOS. There are many different sites, blogs and services offering premium tips and tricks for Clash of Clans, however these are a few I have found out playing myself.

Gameplay Tips

Tip #1 - Patience

Patients is definitely the key to fast progression in the game. If you focus on attacking all the time your base will be vulnerable more often. Upgrade your collectors to the highest tier for your Town Hall level, this will help you gather resources quicker. Having a shield active is a great way to take a break, as well as letting your collectors get those resources you need to attack a viable enemy.

Tip #2 - Base Defenses

High level defenses are expensive but well worth while in the long run, getting your base effectively positioned and set out is a hard thing to do especially on smaller mobile screens. Utilizing your three base pattern slots and saving a pattern for each scenario, such as Trophies, Farming and Neutral. Here is a good site you can use to help find the correct layout you need, be it for Trophies, Farming, War or a Hybrid of all three.  Clash of Clans Tools »

Tip #3 - Saving Resources

Resources are precious and you want to save as much as you can from your enemies, sadly you can't save Gold but this tip works for Elixir / Dark Elixir. While your army camps are full of troops, you must over train troops in your Barracks / Dark Barracks. Train the highest cost but the lowest housing requirement troop till your barracks runs out of space. For example, I have four level 10 Barracks's, I can train 75 troops per barracks. I train three P.E.K.K.As for each barracks because they each have a housing requirement of 25 and a cost of 40000 Elixir. So the maths works out to:
12 (Total P.E.K.K.As Training) x 40000 (Elixir) = 480000 (Elixir stored in the barracks)
Therefore there is nearly half a million Elixir saved within the Barracks itself and can't be touched by attacking enemies, the same thing can be done for your Dark Elixir. This tip is useful when you don't have a shield and you just don't have time to attack.

Tip #4 - Troop Usage in Attacks for Farming

When attacking its best not to use all your troops when you receive a small amount of resources in return, so develop a balance of outgoing to incoming resources. The most effective farming army for Town Hall level 8 and below consists of: (the amount for each is dependant on what Town Hall level you on and what level army camp you have)
  • Army camp capacity (200)
    • Giants (x 16)
    • Goblins (x 112)
    • Wall-Breakers (x 4)

Tip #5 - Shields, a Gift from the Gods

Receiving an attack from an enemy isn't always a bad thing, you receive a shield depending on the the amount of damage an enemy achieves. Base defence comes in to play here, having a finely tuned base set up can determine whether you lose a lot or a small amount of resources. Your base must contain your resource storage at its core, but placing your Town Hall outside the walls or protection measures allows your enemy to destroy it quick and easy. However this will give you a high duration time on your shield, which means that you lose very little resources and in turn get a shield for virtually nothing. This ensure you can attack when you want and helps you plan your next base upgrades and progression.

Other Tricks

Having a game specifically made for mobile devices makes it difficult at times, having a mobile / tablet on hand to play, then running your battery flat or you run out of data, just to name a few of the issues you could encounter. However there is a way you can safely install your favourite Android games on your PC.

To do this you need to install a program called "Bluestacks", which is essentially an emulation of a Android device. All you need is a Google account to download your apps through.

Latest Bluestacks:

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