Resonant Rise Adventures: Update #3!

RR3 - Build Update #3

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Added cosmetic changes to the castle. Placed some decking on the
top of each tower.

Added some more cosmetics to the internals of each tower. Placed stairwells,
decking as well as a central support pillar.

Reconditioned the temple beside the castle to accommodate the new Blood-Altar.
Automation (via Steve's Factory Manager) underneath the altar provides
an array of slates used in crafting.
Connected the central console of the Thaumic research floor to the AE-System,
storing any Essentia in the AE storage banks.
Added cosmetic windows and roofing to the research floor of the Thaumaturgist's
tower. Added stabilization under the Infusion Altar and started some
cosmetics. Placed an AE Infusion Provider above the altar.
Created a system to automatically grow a Master node for the tower.
(Temporary placement) The Master node can feed off two nodes at a time,
each feeder node is controlled via Automagy equipment (To output redstone signals)
 and Steve's Factory Manager (To input redstone signals). If the vis in the feeder node
is low the Node stabilizer will turn on and the node then has time to regenerate its vis.


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Resonant Rise Adventures: Update #2!

RR3 - Build Update #2

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Changed up the bridge design and added some support to the outer
edges of the Thaumaturgist's tower. Not yet decided on the support
for the bridge.

Removed the master node module from the center of the room,
decided to put it on another floor. Moved the research table and
other things to the center of the room.

Creating a library type center point for all thaumaturgist's crafting
research as well as any alchemy needs.

Added 3 new pedestals for more mana generating flowers.
Center pedestal is filled with 27 floating Endoflames that get fed
coal from the bottom via Steve's factory manager. Using cable
camouflage to hide the cables from the bottom.

Added 8 more floating Hydroangeas to the tanks on either side.
Created some Dayblooms and Nightshades above the Elven portal.
Created and added potency mana lens to all the mana spreaders.

Still have to finish the design of the Puredaisy platforms. Future update will
show the mana storage system. (Still Tweaking it)


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Celebrating Star Wars Day!

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Resonant Rise Adventures: Update #1!

RR3 - Build Update #1

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Did some terraforming behind the castle and lay out a
foundation for a massive smeltery & forge.

Created a new tower off from the castle's north-west corner
tower. This new tower will serve as a Thaumaturgist's tower.
In the center is a design for the energised master node, made for
Thaumcraft magic.

Changed up the farming fields, automated via a combination
between the Ender IO - Farming Station and Steve's Factory

Started creating a pillar for the bottom of the new
Thaumaturgist's tower.

Finished the pillar and bridge for the tower. Will still make
support beams for the rest of the tower.