Resonant Rise Adventures: Update #3!

RR3 - Build Update #3

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Added cosmetic changes to the castle. Placed some decking on the
top of each tower.

Added some more cosmetics to the internals of each tower. Placed stairwells,
decking as well as a central support pillar.

Reconditioned the temple beside the castle to accommodate the new Blood-Altar.
Automation (via Steve's Factory Manager) underneath the altar provides
an array of slates used in crafting.
Connected the central console of the Thaumic research floor to the AE-System,
storing any Essentia in the AE storage banks.
Added cosmetic windows and roofing to the research floor of the Thaumaturgist's
tower. Added stabilization under the Infusion Altar and started some
cosmetics. Placed an AE Infusion Provider above the altar.
Created a system to automatically grow a Master node for the tower.
(Temporary placement) The Master node can feed off two nodes at a time,
each feeder node is controlled via Automagy equipment (To output redstone signals)
 and Steve's Factory Manager (To input redstone signals). If the vis in the feeder node
is low the Node stabilizer will turn on and the node then has time to regenerate its vis.