Resonant Rise Adventures: Update #4!

RR3 - Build Update #4

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Built the new Master node holder mechanism (design not yet complete)
at the top of the Thaumaturgist's tower and popped the node that
has been grown, energized it resulting in 10 Vis of each primal aspect.
Created a fountain monument of some of my favorite Youtubers,
decided to link it to a small river to run along the side of the castle.
Dug out the basic shape of the river (not yet complete) and set some
cobble markers where trodden dirt paths will follow. Eventually
filled in the water and created a little bridge.
Cosmetic changes to the outside of the tower, with a different
brick. Fixed up the bridge support structure and all the
windows. Finished the cosmetic design of the Study floor and
majority of the Infusion floor. Infusion floor is equipped with a
fully stabilized altar. (Crystal clusters hidden under altar as
well as skulls and candles hidden in the book shelves)
An updated aerial view snapshot.
Built a farming goods warehouse / barn. Packed in some
storage boxes and planted some trees next door, as a
small forestry.