HVK-Custom Mod Pack: Great Developments!

Great Developments - Build Update #1

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Found an Ancient Warfare Castle close to spawn, battled to kill the guards but
managed to win over the castle eventually, it is now dubbed "Havok-Hold".
Started off with a basic Botania set up and got a running Smeltery.
Created a small Big Reactor in the middle of the Hold but ended up moving it
later on. Got into Project-E and created a basic EMC-Flower going, again
ended up moving it to the south east tower. Planted a slime tree on the south west
tower purely for Tinkerers bows. Made a start to Immersive Engineering and its
Excavator but needed to sort out power problems in the Hold first. Created a good
looking case around the upgraded Big Reactor.
Created a industrial themed building around the Big Reactor. Started on the
"alien tech" looking AE building which holds the a big master controller (meant to
look like a brain) which will provide as many channels as we will ever need.
Lots still to follow!